Where We Go From Here

In each section of the Plan we have endeavoured to identify action points where the questionnaire survey indicated a significant level of interest or concern among respondents.     

The Parish Council has generously agreed to adopt the Plan and to use it to inform and guide its future approach to community and planning issues. The Council has also undertaken either to carry out the actions identified in the Plan or to facilitate the setting up of volunteer groups to take forward any future work that is needed. The Parish Council also undertakes to provide residents with periodic updates on progress.

 Kate Brown, Chair of the Parish Council, said:

      ‘It’s great to see everyone working together to produce such a vital plan for our parish.

     It was also good to see so many residents contribute to the plan via the questionnaires

     which were circulated. The overwhelming feeling is to maintain our village identity and

     restrict any further development by retaining the Strategic Gap and Wildlife Corridor.

     The Parish Council fully endorses the Community Plan and will endeavour to achieve the

     objectives laid out for the future.’

 Some of the issues raised can be tackled immediately. Others will take longer or will involve the monitoring of future developments, for example in relation to planning issues. But our overall aim in producing the Plan is to ensure that our parish continues to offer all its residents a safe and pleasant place in which to live and work. 




The Community Plan Management Committee* would like to thank: 

The National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund and Kirklevington Parish Council for their generous financial support towards the preparation and publication of the Plan.

Jeremy Lewis for aggregating and analysing the data from the questionnaires and providing the charts reproduced in the Plan.

The Kirklevington History Group for providing the History of the Parish.

George Cooke, Crathorne Parish Meeting, for advice on preparations for the Plan.  

Roger Benson, Hornby, Great & Little Smeaton Parish Plan Steering Group, for advice on the Plan’s content and design.

Janice McColm, Tees Valley Rural Community Council, for help and support throughout.

Richard Wiles and fellow pupils at Kirklevington Primary School for participating in the competition to provide a cover illustration for the Plan.  

The Church of St Martin and St Hilary.

And, last but not least, the residents of Kirklevington and Castlelevington Parish for taking the time and trouble to complete the questionnaire and enabling the Committee to produce this Community Plan.

Thanks also to the following for permission to publish their photographs and other material

Kate Brown; David and Ros Butler; Richard Jones; Jeremy Lewis; Mike and Cath Page; Mark Stokeld; Steve and Jane Ward. The Crown Hotel for the photograph of the Crown Inn, c1900; Kirklevington Primary School for the photograph from the school website; The Ordnance Survey for permission to reproduce the Crown Copyright map of Kirklevington and Castlelevington Parish; the Smith family for the photograph of The Grange; Tees Archaeology for the photographs of Castlelevington earthworks and the Viking stones.



*Community Plan Management Committee

David Butler (Chair), Jennie Beaumont, David Brickles, Kate Brown, Elsi Hampton, Tony Hampton, Jim Parker, Jane Ward, Steve Ward.