Social Activities

The Parish is currently well served with organisations providing facilities for social activities or taking the lead in organising them. Among respondents to the questionnaire, just under 50% were supportive of the role of the village hall in providing a venue for a variety of meetings, events and classes and an ‘essential’ element in the development of community spirit.

Over 35% of people recognised the success over the last three years of the annual Kirkfest weekend events (pictured below) initiated and supported by the Parish Council. A number of people felt that more publicity about events would be helpful in promoting involvement across the community. 


(Flower display in the church, Kirkfest 2009; steam locomotion in Ash Grove, Kirkfest 2011; commemorative wreaths, churchyard, 11 November 2011)


There was also recognition from about 30% of people of the value for community spirit of activities sponsored by the Church, the ladies group (‘great addition to the village’) and the village pub (‘hub of the village’).

Ideas for other activities that might be encouraged included adult education classes  (eg art, music, languages, dance); a gardening club (‘good idea – would like to know more’); and organised walks. The last of these reflects the popularity of walking in the Parish which was referred to in 30% of the questionnaires.    

Within the existing provision for children’s activities there was support from over 15% of respondents for the youth club (now closed down) and the scouts and guides. There was interest in the possibility of the village acquiring land for a playing field.

Just under 10% of people expressed an interest in a village play group.



Actions to be taken:

Assess level of support for acquisition of land for a playing field.

Investigate support for setting up a playgroup and reinstating the youth club and facilitate next steps.

Sponsor a published guide to local footpaths and rights of way with an explanatory narrative and guidance on the country code.   



        (Fête in the vicarage garden; maypole dancing in the school field)