Road Safety

Over 57% of respondents drew attention to speeding traffic both on Forest Lane in the village and along the A67 as a concern. And around 50% of people expressed an interest in traffic calming measures. This feedback points up concerns in the village with traffic speeds and the need to find ways to limit them.

Quotes included:

‘Reduce speed by use of cameras and a zero tolerance policy.’

‘It is dangerous for children to walk or cycle to Conyers.’ 



(Lorry passing the Crown Hotel on A67; congestion on Forest lane)

Car parking problems - mainly along Forest Lane and on pavements near the Primary School, as well as outside Conyers School - elicited a response rate of over 41%. Comments reflected a general feeling that illegal parking of this nature, particularly at school drop-off and pick-up times, creates a danger to pedestrians and other road users.


Quotes included:

‘Parking on pavements causes problems for the elderly and those with wheelchairs and pushchairs.’


Actions to be taken:


Explore the possibility of speed monitoring on Forest Lane and the reduction of the speed limit on the A67 to 40mph from Kirklevington to Kirklevington Grange.

Remind residents that parking on footpaths is dangerous and obstructive for pedestrians, and continue to monitor the situation.

Road surfaces – see Environment section below