We are fortunate in Kirklevington to be blessed with a rural aspect, which includes an important Wildlife Corridor running through the Parish. There are several riding stables in the Parish and the riders and horses can often be seen along the main village road thus complementing the rural scene. Extensive bulb planting and provision of planters around the village in recent years have helped to make the village a pleasant place to live. As described in more detail in other sections of the Plan residents benefit from a range of educational, social and recreational facilities and have convenient access to shops, national road and rail networks.


(Spring flowers on the A67; summer sunset over the village)

It is perhaps not surprising then that in general the feedback from the questionnaire shows that residents of Kirklevington like living here. Typical comments from the questionnaire returns were that the village is ‘quiet’, ‘sociable’, and ‘a good mixture of age groups’. However, some issues did arise from the questionnaire and the chart below provides a breakdown of these. The subjects that attracted most interest in the questionnaires are featured here. Dog fouling emerged as of most concern to people, followed by maintenance of pavements, trees and hedges, and fly-tipping and litter.

The main road through the village (Forest Lane) was completely resurfaced in 2010 but beyond the railway bridge many potholes remain and were commented on in the questionnaire. 

Actions to be taken:

Provide more dog waste bins in the village and promote good practice among dog walkers.

Work with Stockton Borough Council to improve maintenance of roads and pavements, and deal with overhanging trees and hedges. 

For wider environmental issues, see Section 7 below.



(Forest Lane in autumn; the church in winter)