Community Life

The village provides a range of facilities for the Parish catering for different age groups and this is reflected in the levels of support included in the feedback from the questionnaire and illustrated in the chart below. The most popular facilities include the village hall, the pub, the church and the play area.

The village hall was referred to by 60% of respondents and as such proved the most popular village facility. It provides a central venue for a variety of events and activities suiting all age groups and is much valued for this.


Alistair McLee, Chair of the Village Hall committee, commented:


     ‘The Community Plan serves to confirm the importance of our village hall as a key

     facility for residents. Villagers were involved at all stages in the creation of our wholly owned

     village hall - its initial conception; funding; construction and on-going maintenance. It is run

     by as a registered charity by a group of local trustees. We are proud of our wide range of

     services from christening parties, children’s parties, wedding receptions and anniversaries

     and ultimately wakes - in short from cradle to the grave and a lot of other things in between.’


Quotes from the questionnaire on the value of the hall included:


‘Helps community spirit.’


‘Very important to the social life of the village.’  


There was significant support for the church (over 40% of respondents valued its community role) and there was recognition of the efforts made to maintain the churchyard.

The Revd Pam Sanders, Vicar of Kirklevington with Picton, and High and Low Worsall, said:


     ‘The Community Plan has impressed me with its understanding of our local community’s

     past, by its concern for the community as it is now and its suggestions of possibilities

     for the future. There is real evidence of listening to residents’ views and concerns and trying

     to integrate these into a Plan which will ensure the continuation of the community. I am very

     pleased to see that the role of the church is valued by so many of those who responded to   

     the questionnaire and hope that we can continue to work together for the benefit of all.’


Over 50% of respondents valued having a public house in the village. It was felt that The Crown provided an excellent focus for the social life of the community.

There was recognition of the importance of the school (referred to by 30% of respondents) if the village is to continue to attract younger families. Head Teacher, Sandy Jones, welcomed the Plan:


     ‘I am delighted to see such a comprehensive plan being developed for the Parish of

     Kirklevington and Castlelevington. We as a school feel very much part of this close

     community and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the future of the village.’  

The play area also attracted support (just under 30% of respondents). There was an appreciation from grandparents of its value when grandchildren come to visit.




(From top left, l-r: Crown Hotel; Church of St Martin and St Hilary; village school; village hall; play area)


Quotes included:

‘To ensure the continuity of village life, we need young families to come and live here.’ 

Actions to be taken

Investigate what further facilities (eg more benches) would be beneficial for elderly residents.

Investigate the scope for providing more equipment in the play area for older children.