Parish communications attracted much interest in the questionnaire and are regarded as an important aspect of community life. There was general support for more information on Parish news and activities which might be provided in both traditional ways and via the internet.

There was significant demand for additional notice boards, which could give up-to-date information on community activities. A suggested position for such a board was on the village hall adjacent to the main door.

It was also felt that a printed newsletter could make a useful contribution to keeping people up to date with Parish news, perhaps by extending the current Parish News to include a newsletter. The wide demand for a printed newsletter may reflect the age profile of the Parish, and may highlight the fact that personal computers are not in universal use. (Comments included: ‘Not everyone is a PC user.’)


(Parish Council notice board; Parish News back-numbers)

But there was, additionally, interest in keeping abreast of news through a Parish website (comments included: ‘better than a newsletter’ but ‘needs to be kept up to date’) and an electronic newsletter. This was tempered by strong criticism of current broadband speed in the village. Comments ranged from ‘far too slow’ to ‘abysmal’.

42% of respondents expressed an interest in having a directory of the services and trades based in the Parish.

Actions to be taken:

Build wider awareness of the current Parish Council website.

Investigate scope for publicising village activities through a newsletter and/or further notice boards.

Investigate feasibility of publishing a local trade/professional directory.

Monitor broadband speeds after BT’s introduction of new fibre optic cable to establish whether further action is needed to achieve acceptable speeds across the Parish.